Water Sample Test

Water test for private, public & municipal residential water supply systems

Water Test for Private & Public Water

Foundations Property Inspection’s Water test can indicate levels of bacteria, and other contaminants in the water supplied to your home by municipal water systems or private wells.

Generally we all think that the water entering our home is safe or contain
acceptable levels of bacteria that aren’t harmful. A Water test can determine whether your water quality conforms the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and other protective local agencies.

Because of local concern, both well and public water suppliy should get tested regurally. Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Green, Indiana, Lawrence, Somerset, Washington, and surrounding PA counties have a high contamination rate. Possibly from mine runoff and fracking disturbance.

Water Test can determine if your well or municipal water is free of harmful bacteria or contaminants

Water Test for chemical contaminants

Test water quality for sulfate, chloride, iron, manganese, hardness, corrosion, and other harmful contaminants. Have you had a chemical or fuel spill or leak near your water supply? Test your well for chemical contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds. Foundations Property Inspections local Pittsburgh experts can tell you about possible impurities in your area.

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Commonly overlooked reasons to get A water test

Public Water System Testing

When you turn on the tap, where does the water come from? If you pay a water bill, you are purchasing water from a public water system, where your water is monitored, tested and the results reported to the federal, state or tribal drinking water agencies responsible for making sure it meets the National Primary Drinking Water Standards. Your water company must notify you when contaminants are in the water they provide that may cause illness or other problems. Most people in the United States receive water from a community water system that provides its customers with an annual water quality report, also known as a Consumer Confidence Report. Normally, you will receive it with your water bill once a year in July. The report contains information on contaminants found, possible health effects, and the water’s source. If you do not receive a report, contact your water company for this information.

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Private Water Supply & testing

If your drinking water does not come from a public water system, or you get your drinking water from a household well, you alone are responsible for assuring that it is safe. For this reason, routine testing for a few of the most common contaminants is highly recommended. Even if you currently have a safe, pure water supply, regular testing can be valuable because it establishes a record of water quality. This record is helpful in solving any future problems and in obtaining compensation if someone damages your water supply.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency you should get your water tested for bacteria and nitrates to protect your family’s health and your Pennsylvania home.

All households with pregnant or nursing an infant, senior family members, and unexplained illnesses should have their home water tested. Most importantly, if you notice a change in water taste, odor, color or clarity. Call Foundations Property Inspections to get your private, well, or public, municipal water supply tested.

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