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Video Sewer Inspection

Video Sewer camera inspection before you buy a house

12 Reasons To Get A Video Sewer Inspection

  1. Video Sewer Inspection is Imperative to get Alongside a Home Inspection. Why?

    A Video Sewer Inspection in Southwest PA is a no-brainer. The South Hills area of Pittsburgh has lots of older homes and the ground is constantly freezing and thawing from the extreme temperature shift. Although the 4 seasons are beautiful below the ground, sewer failures are a common problem.

    Homeowners may make regular use of their home’s toilets, drains and sewer lines throughout the day, but hardly ever think about if or when a small leak could cause major problems until it becomes damaged or clogged.

    Having your sewer main line examined during a home inspection is essential because underground leaks can be hard to locate without professional help and video equipment. Foundations Property Inspection offers a professional video sewer examination in your Southwest PA home.

  2. Finding a Sewer Line Clog with a Video Sewer Inspection is Quick and Easy.

    When this happens, you may notice that you have difficulty eliminating waste through the restroom or the sink drains, and you may even notice sewage backing up into the house. Some homeowners may smell or see sewage waste in their yard. These are all common signs that there’s a problem with the sewer main.

  3. What is a Video Camera Sewer Inspection
    Foundations Property Inspections works with trusted and experienced plumbers to ensure your sewer is in good working order and to avoid costly repairs. With this inspection, Foundations Property Inspection’s plumber runs a camera into the pipe to visually pinpoint the underground damage, roots, or blockage.

  4. When is a Main Plumbing Line Inspection Necessary?
    Know before you buy– a video sewer inspection is the best way to protect your interest before you buy. Pennsylvania law (68 Pa.C.S. §§ 7301-7314) lists the items the seller must disclose to the buyer.

  5. A Camera Inspection Can Detect:
    • Sewer Roots
    • Collapsed Sewers
    • Broken Sewer Pipes
    • Cracked Sewer Mains
    • Lateral Sewer Problems
    • Clogged Sewer Pipes
    • Sewer Backups
    • Sewer Line Locations

    We often get requests from home sellers and prospective home buyers to perform a video sewer inspection to insure the sewage system is in good working order.

    The idea of shopping for a home without a visual inspection is risky, especially in Southwestern PA. A hidden sewage problem could be a very costly repair. A homeowner may experience signs of slow drainage, but there’s the likelihood two months or two years down the road, that hidden sewer problem will reveal itself during a major backup.

  6. Slow Moving Signs of Serious Sewer Problems:
    • Minor drain blockage within the home
    • Sewer gas smell coming from inside areas of the house
    • Sewer smell outside the house

  7. Noticeable Signs of Serious Sewer Problems:
    • Yard holes begin to appear because of a sewer collapse
    • Evidence of raw sewage surfacing in the yard
    • Slow drainage within the home

    Regardless of your sewer problems, Foundations Property Inspection’s Plumber has the equipment and knowledge to diagnose and solve your septic or public sewer line issues.

    Our Plumbers use high-resolution digital video sewer cameras to record the inspection. As we perform a video sewer inspection, we will record and pinpoint the problem and accurately diagnose the sewage problem. A video of the sewer camera inspection with a narrative will be sent to you the same day as the inspection.

  8. Sewer Line Issues are Considered to be One of the Top Home Buying Concerns in Southwestern PA.
    Foundation Property Inspection offers the most advanced sewer inspection service. As a home buyer or seller, you have many responsibilities when it involves the selling of a home. While buying or selling a home can have several stressful steps, the dependability of your sewer main shouldn’t be among one of those. Thankfully, Foundations Property Inspection’s Plumbers use innovative microscopic camera rods to dive deep into your sewer main to inspect and reveal any problems.

  9. Locate A Leak
    While some leaks within your plumbing are obvious, others may not be so apparent – especially if they are coming from within your sewer main. One of the most important benefits of a Video Sewer Inspection is that the precise, visual explanation of a leak is often detected. If you ignore any signs that you’re having plumbing issues, it could cost you extra money down the road. Save yourself time and money by having your sewer main inspected during a Home Inspection.

  10. Eliminate Unnecessary Digging
    Once a sewer line cracks or suffers a backup, and you don’t have access to a Video Sewer Inspection to locate the break, the consequences could be devastating. Without knowing exactly where the leak is coming from, you could find yourself with a deep trench in your lawn. Not only is that costly, but it is also unsightly, and your lawn may take years to recover. A camera examination is nonintrusive and may help pinpoint the precise location of the damaged pipe or blockage.

  11. Reference Video
    If you’re considering selling your home, get a camera inspection of your underground sewage pipe. A video can help ease buyers’ minds. This video evidence is critical if you sell an older home in Southwestern PA with older plumbing and sewer lines. A Video Sewer Inspection is great to keep on file, so if damage or an unexpected pipe break happens, you can provide positive proof to your insurance company.

  12. Get Your Sewer Inspected with Your Home Inspection.
    Before shit hits the fan (literally) and to prevent digging a deep trench in your yard to search, find and replace your sewage line, you will be happy you called Foundations Property Inspection to schedule a Quality Home Inspection. We can also inspect your home for mold, pests, and radon.  Call us or schedule an inspection today! Proudly serving homeowners, house buyers, home sellers, real estate agents, and building professionals throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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