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Termite Swarms Hit Pittsburgh Homes

Termite Swarms invade Pittsburgh homes and are on the march in Southwestern Pennsylvania. No neighborhood is off-limits from summertime termite swarms. It’s not surprising that these annoying pests hit the top of Pest Inspector’s checklist for home buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.

Southwestern subterranean termite Swarms run rampant

Buying a house is stressful and expensive, so before you sign on the dotted line, spend a few bucks and get a Pest Inspected by Foundations Property Inspection. Because once wood-destroying insects and termite swarms decide to move in, they can eat you out of house and home.

Termite Swarms, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees can cause serious damage in houses around the Burgh’ and can take a big bite out of your nest egg. Click here to learn more about these invasive insects.

Let’s take a look at Termite Swarms & whether A Pest Inspection Is worth the money

Family Health & Safety Is Top Priority

A Pest Inspection Report allows buyers, sellers, and real estate agents to learn about building damage caused by these pesky wood-boring invaders. Infestations of creepy crawlies attract parasites that can bite young children and leave disgusting bumps and rashes on their sensitive skin.

Termite Swarms Cause Structural Decay

Termite swarms eat 100% of everything. A Pest Inspection can reveal potentially hazardous conditions like structural decay, rafter damage, and detached electrical boxes that could cause a dangerous fire.

Termite Swarms Are Real Estate Contract Killers

The area’s top-selling real estate agents recommend a Pest Inspection with every Home Inspection. Termites and wood-eating insects have become such a concern that agents include a Pest Inspection clause in purchasing contracts.

Better Lender Relations

More and more mortgage lenders will not offer financing without a professional Pest and Home Inspection. As a safety net, prospective buyers seek counsel and professional advice form their real estate agent to eradicate pest issues and determine the best path forward to complete the home purchase.

A comprehensive Pest Inspection is a critical part of purchasing a home near Pittsburgh. Foundations Property Inspection Pest Inspectors examine the exterior, foundation, basement, attic, and interior areas of the house where bugs like to hide.

Termite Swarms Wreak Havoc In Pittsburgh Homes

These pesky critters begin to swarm once they’ve reached maturity. Typically, it takes around three years for these subterranean devils to pop up. Southwestern Pennsylvania provides the perfect summer climate for colonies to swarm. Once-daily temperatures hit the upper 70’s and low 80’s, with heavy humidity the pack will start to disperse in massive numbers.

According to US Climate Data, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s average high temperature for July and August is 82º -83º  (ºF) and the precipitation rate is 3.35″ – 3.00″ as indicated in the climate charts below.

pittsburgh climate precipitation chart

Termites live in colonies and look similar to flying ants. They have thin antennas and two sets of wings that are the same size as their body. Termites lay eggs and nest several feet underground. However, these wood-munching insects borough up inside your home and begin to feast. They vary in color from brown, to orange, and black to almost clear. The reproductive termites are easy to spot. Because of their large transparent wings. Termite Swarms are extremely destructive and can infest new construction and older model homes. Here in Pennsylvania, the Southwestern subterranean termite is particularly aggressive throughout the summer months.

What Does A Termite Swarm Look Like?

southwestern Pennsylvania subterranean termite swarm

Can Termite Swarms Damage A House?

Termite colonies can easily consume a pound of wood every day. Annually, termites cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage in Southwestern Pennsylvania homes. Although their favorite meal seems to be your house. Seriously, Wood-boring insects and termites can have a devastating effect on the interior and exterior of your home. They cause ceilings to collapse, ruin furniture, carpeting, and flooring. Termites will ravage magazines, books, boxes, attic insulation, heating and HVAC units, swimming pool filters, liners, and more.

Around The House, Nothing Is Off-Limits For Termite Swarms

Termite swarms are relentless. Landscaping, trees, expensive shrubs, and decaying plants are mid-day snacks. Termite swarms can infest the cheapest and the most expensive house on the block. Remember, termite colonies breed underground and are virtually undetectable until you notice any of the warning signs. This can be especially worrisome when buying or selling a home. 

Warning signs of Termite Swarm Damage

Unfortunately, when termite damage becomes noticeable it’s most likely there has been a colony infestation causing havoc for many years. Foundations Property Inspection’s Pest Inspectors can identify subtle signs of termites in your home. Homeowners who are unfamiliar with termite swarms should keep an eye out for these warning signs.

  1. Lifting, or peeling wallpaper and/or paint
  2. Bubbling plaster
  3. Tiny drywall holes or entry tunnels
  4. Small dirty smudge marks around entry holes where termites force their bodies through the wall
  5. Sagging ceilings and bulging or puckering walls
  6. Weak or saggy floors
  7. Evidence of water damage
  8. Eating tracks that form road like patterns in wood structures
  9. Wood dust below wood trim and furniture
  10. Dirt tunnels and mud formations on or around the foundation of the home
  11. Watch for swarms of winged termites around porch lights

Who Needs A Termite Swarm & Pest Inspection Report

Anyone seriously considering buying or selling a home should get a Pest Inspection for many reasons!  Termite swarms are exploding in Pittsburgh neighborhoods and surrounding communities. A Pest Inspection Report can present a more complete picture of the home’s condition and provide detailed information you need to make a competent decision.

The Pest Inspection can identify insect problems that the present owner may or may not be aware of. Consequently, a Pest Inspection Report can help prevent you from purchasing a money pit. It can be a steep learning curve to maintain a house for first-time homebuyers. Foundations Property Inspection’s Pest Inspectors encourage customers to observe but follow CDC health and safety COVID guidelines. It’s a good opportunity to ask questions and build a checklist of items that may need attention. Regardless of the purchasing timeline, investigating, termite swarms, and wood-destroying insect problems through a Home and Pest Inspector can save you from losing your shirt

3 alarming facts about termite Swarms have local House hunters on edge

  • Termite damage is not covered under a home warranty policy
  • Termite damage is not covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Home warranties typically do not cover wood burning insects, and termite damage or remediation because it can be prevented by repetitive home care

Termite Swarm & Pest Inspection Report

A thorough on-site examination is performed by our trained and certified professional Home and Pest Inspector. A complete WDI Inspection Report is submitted for customer and real estate agent review.

Our experienced Pest Inspector will check high-risk areas for signs of wood-boring insects and termites. Inspectors look for evidence of past and present inhabitation signs, and risk of future infestations. Safely accessible areas within the home, garage, basement, decks, and porches will be scrutinized. The generated Pest Report will identify active evidence or nonappearance of wood-obliterating insect movement, as it pertains to termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles, etc. The Pest Report will also note any evidence of previous treatment.

termite swarms pest inspection report

Here's The Bottom Line: A Pest Inspection Is A Very Small Price To Pay

The process of buying or selling a home can be nerve-racking. The last thing on your mind is a bug infestation or termite swarms. Honestly, there’s a lot of things that can sting you in the behind if you don’t get a Pest Inspection when making an offer on your dream house. At Foundations Property Inspection, we can help take the bite out of the home buying and selling experience by providing a comprehensive Pest Inspection Report.

A Pest Inspection is a small price to pay before you buy or sell a home in Southwestern Pennsylvania. When it’s all said and done don’t let termites, ants, bees, and beetles’ infestations cost you an arm and leg.

Request a Pest Inspection or give us a call to schedule a time for one of our professional Pest Inspectors to visit the property and conduct a complete wood-destroying insect, termite, and Pest Inspection.