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Examine sewer lines when considering to buy or sell a home in Southwestern PA to reveal hidden issues.

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Sewer Line camera Video: Accurate, economical, & noninvasive

Foundations Property Inspection Sewer camera inspection of your interior and exterior underground sewer lines is extremely accurate, economical, and noninvasive. Our Sewer camera inspection can identify issues such as clogged lines, roots growing in your pipes or broken/corroded/misaligned pipes. Any issues with your underground plumbing system can be found before purchasing your new home. Foundations Property Inspections is Pittsburgh’s choice for camera inspection service.

FPI’s’ sewer camera inspections are performed by a registered plumber. The sewer line inspection is done with a durable, waterproof, high-resolution camera attached to a rod and is ran down through the plumbing system.

Watch Real-Time Sewer Line Inspection

A confidential link is sent to each customer to review their fully narrated high-resolution recorded video and sewer line evaluation. Follow along as our professional plumber runs the camera through the underground system and assesses the inside condition of the sewer line with a non-invasive, high-tech camera to identify irregularities, abnormalities, and potential issues.

Our Sewer Camera Inspection video can help customers visualize and better understand the condition of the below-ground line(s) inspected and pinpoint areas of concern.

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