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Sewer Line camera Video: Accurate, economical, & noninvasive

Foundations Property Inspection Sewer camera inspection of your interior and exterior underground sewer lines is extremely accurate, economical, and noninvasive. Our Sewer camera inspection can identify issues such as clogged lines, roots growing in your pipes or broken/corroded/misaligned pipes. Any issues with your underground plumbing system can be found before purchasing your new home. Foundations Property Inspections is Pittsburgh’s choice for camera inspection service.

FPI’s’ sewer camera inspections are performed by a registered plumber. The sewer line inspection is done with a durable, waterproof, high-resolution camera attached to a rod and is ran down through the plumbing system.

Watch Real-Time Sewer Line Inspection

Watch the actual test being performed on a video mas the plumber runs the camera through the system. A full written report and a video flash drive will be provided at the inspection. Our inspection process enables us to examine plumbing problems from the inside of the sewer line and identify the exact location(s) which may need to be addressed. Our Sewer Camera Inspection report and the video recording can help customers correct and avoid plumbing problems.

Most sewer system backups are unforeseen events, and, generally, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is not liable for damages


Hidden Dangers of Southwestern Pa Sewer Lines

Common Southwestern PA Sewer Line Problems

Find Sewer Line Problems Fast

Always evaluate the sewer lines when considering buying or selling a home in Southwestern PA to discover any hidden surprises that are under the surface.

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