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Protect Your Investment With A Quality Home Inspection

Don't risk your life savings get a quality home inspection

Every time you purchase or sell your property near Pittsburgh PA, it’s a good idea to safeguard your investment. The best way to get more for your home listing on Zillow is to get a quality home inspection from Foundations Property Inspection. 

Whether you’re an empty nester, seasoned investor, or first-time home buyer looking to put down roots. There are often items that a qualified inspector will find issues that you are not trained to recognize or simply may overlook. Get a quality home inspection rather than paying for poor home repair advice. The impact of overlooking a serious item or not replacing something a buyer would want will cost you thousands more. You don’t know what you can’t see, and unless you’re an appraiser or inspector yourself, it’s easy to miss seemingly small housing issues that will have a costly result down the road to homeownership. Having a knowledgeable, trustworthy inspector check the major components and provide an easy-to-understand report is to your advantage.

Understanding exactly what you’re buying is a vital part of negotiating. To get a good deal before you sign the purchase agreement get a quality home inspection. There is no need to get a quality home inspection if you’re just kicking the tires, but if you have a genuine interest in purchasing the property, a home inspection is a very important step of the consideration process. 

Issues regarding the grading, foundation, plumbing and structure aren’t picked up by every buyer. Foundation Property Inspection home inspectors and building consultants are trained to examine things that you simply might not even think about. Most everyone can spot mold in the attic and basement, but not every buyer can detect sewer line problems or potential basement foundation problems, sagging floors, or uneven door jambs. These are some of the things which can be expensive and take a lot of time to repair later. Understand what you are looking at and evaluate the repairs and prepare a real estate offer accordingly.

Most homes that are for sale by owners or agents in today’s market have a time consideration involved, but it’s not wise to agree to a quick close before getting a quality home inspection to protect your investment. Unless you’re doing a complete demo and restoration of the house, a quality home inspection is the best way to protect your investment. 

Time is everything. There are lots of moving parts. Loan originators, closing officials, inspections, agents, insurance, but making time to protect your real estate investment with a quality home inspection is serious. If the inspector finds even one serious issue before closing and taking ownership of the property that you simply may have overlooked it will greatly reduce the probabilities of losing time and money.

Even if you omit the inspection on the buying side, you ought to consider a quality home inspection once you are selling. Some investors may feel that this is often a waste of cash and will be the responsibility of the customer, but they’re missing the large picture. When selling, you’re looking to maximize the value of the home. If you want top dollar the home needs to be as appealing as possible. By having a home inspection, you’ll get a heads-up on any potential issues before you set the house on the market. Rather than a buyer looking to offset the offer with a $5,000 credit on work which will cost $2,000. You can do the work or address these red flags in the contract agreement with repair allowance or cash assistance compensation.

If a buyer finds one item, they typically assume that there’ll be more coming. This may either impact the asking price or result in them backing out of the offer. If the repairs are made before your house is listed and no additional work is required, you’ll always get a better selling price.

It is good to get a pre-list home inspection if you are a seller to verify that work repairs meet today’s homeowner code. If you’re employing a new contractor or if you’ve got doubts about the standard of the work, an inspection will point those out. 

Home inspections might appear to be a waste of cash, but spending now will prevent higher costs at closing. Buyers will check out every single inch of a house. If your contractor missed something or did the work quickly, it could cost you dearly. If you’ve got confidence that your property is in good shape and any defects and therefore in selling condition, you’ll command a much better price. More importantly, you won’t be as willing to accept the first offer that comes your way.

Getting a home inspection should be considered protecting your investment. Like the cost of doing business. Items just like the home inspection, title search, comparative marketing research, and even appraisal are all done to offer you a far better idea of just what you’re buying. 

Whether you’re considering an inspection before you purchase or before you sell, it’s an essential part of the process which will prevent money upfront. Knowing what you’re buying gives you peace of mind and confidence to buy. Likewise, knowing what you’re selling will build your confidence to get a better price. Here is the bottom line. If a few hundred dollars prevents you from taking an enormous loss on a real estate transaction, then check out these prices. Buy with confidence to move into your home faster. Hiring Foundations Property Inspection is a wise decision.