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Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Pre-listing Home Inspection by Foundations Property Inspections Offers Big Advantages

Pre-listing home inspection for Southwestern Pa homeowners and sellers who think ahead and schedule a home inspection before they list and sell offers many marketing, legal, and financial advantages. 

Pre-listing Home Inspection Marketing Advantages

Once your pre-listing home inspection is complete, a prominent Foundations Property Inspections “Pre-Inspected Logo” can be posted on your online listing and a lawn sign can also be placed on your lawn. Prospective buyers and real estate agents recognize the advantages of a quality home inspection and its unique benefits over other similar homes.

Ask your real estate agent for if tent cards are available to place throughout the house so that buyers and agents touring the home are reminded that a recent professional Foundations Property Inspections pre-listing home inspection report is available for review. A Foundations Property Inspections home inspection can give your home the edge! And buyers appreciate knowing the condition of the main elements of the house upfront.

Pre-listing Home Inspection Legal Advantages

The legal implications of seller disclosure requirements often put sellers in a challenging position. If a condition is found after a home has sold and wasn’t disclosed, sellers could also be asked to “prove” they were unaware of the matter – not a simple task.

Southwestern PA property laws may differ county to county and now have formal requirements that sellers disclose the condition of the house being sold. Your local Foundations Property Inspections professional has the expertise to help in documenting a home’s “true” condition. Having your home pre-inspected by a Foundations Property Inspections provides you with the peace of mind and the confidence to disclose your home’s condition and maximize your return on investment. It also helps avoid post-sale litigation once you’ve settled into your new destination.

Pre-listing Home Inspection Financial Advantages

One of the primary significant benefits of getting your home inspected by your local Foundations Property Inspections office is that the report provides the advantage in negotiations. Here’s why: Without a pre-inspection, your home is going to be listed at what you rational believe to be a good price. Interested buyers will then put in offers which are generally less than the listing price. Most sellers expect to simply accept a price reasonably but the listing price.

This is where drag can arise. After the customer has an accepted offer on the house, the customer will hire a home inspector. Our research has shown that over 40% of all homes have a minimum of one significant defect. When that defect is detected, most buyers will want the vendor to repair defects found or try re-negotiate the worth of the house. Experience shows that buyers generally attempt to negotiate twice the particular cost of repairs needed.

By having a knowledgeable home inspection report available to the prospective buyers, sellers now have several valuable options. Such as make the request repairs without lowering the price. Have the buyer pay for all or half the repairs, and so on.

Pre-listing home inspection matter

According to the National Association of Realtors and record low mortgage rates offer up plenty of incentive for home buyers, even in a pandemic. Mortgage applications for home purchases increased 7% this week, which follows a 12% uptick last week, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports. Mortgage applications are viewed as a gauge for upcoming home sales. Reports indicate that homes that get a pre-listing home inspection and make the necessary repairs to get their property in top-notch shape sell faster and for a better percentage of their original listing price because needed repairs have already been addressed.

Price the house, accordingly, taking into consideration the home’s condition. You will yield a better price if the house has been well maintained and has a new home inspection by Foundations Property Inspections.

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